Multiple Choice (Print: Then circle the best answer)

1. Long Island ferries connect all but one:
(a) States (b) Islands (c) Countries (d) Towns

 2. Town originally settled by the English:
(a) Southold (b) Islip (c) Oyster Bay (d) Babylon

3. New Netherland included a place called:
(a) Shelter Island (b) Breukelen (c) East Hampton (d) Queens

4. Which one is a city on Long Island:
(a) Long Island City (b) City Island (c) Garden City (d) Glen Cove

5. Town in which I live and attend school:
(a) Smithtown (b) Islip (c) Brookhaven (d) other

True or False (Write T or F where they apply)

All those located on the Long Island Sound
Babylon _________
Smithtown _________
Islip _________
Riverhead _________
Montauk Lighthouse ________

The Atlantic Ocean borders each of these Towns
Huntington _________
Hempstead _________
Southampton _________
North Hempstead _________
Fire Island _________

Completion Questions
(Provide correct number or answer for each)

1. Number of Light Houses on Fire Island __________
2. Number of Native American communities on L. I. __________
3. Number of tribes on L. I. descended from the Unkechaug Indian Nation _________
4. Number of oceans touching Long Island __________
5. Number of Towns reaching from Ocean to the Sound __________
6. Number of Cities on Long Island __________
7. Number of Towns in Nassau __________
8. Number of States visible from the North Shore of Long Island __________
9. Number of Counties on Long Island __________
10. Total number of Towns in Nassau and Suffolk Counties __________
11. A revolutionary Battle for Long Island took place in this County in August of 1776__________
12. An island that’s part of the Town of Southold __________
13. Name the island on Long Island that is a Town _________
14. The coast of Long Island renowned for its beautiful sandy beaches _________
15. Rhode Island is reachable by boat from New York on this body of water ________
16. The city on Long Island closest to California _________
17. A Long Island Town that’s closest to Connecticut _________
18. Our first President dedicated a lighthouse in this Town in 1796 ________
19. The smallest Town in terms of its land area on Long Island ________
20. Largest Town in square miles on Long Island ________
21. The sun rises first in New York State on this Long Island Town ________
22. A busy Long Island Airport is owned by and located in this Town ________
23. New York City shares its border with this suburban Long Island County _________
24. Long Beach is a small city on Long Island that’s close to this major American city_________
25. The largest off-shore island in the U.S. (approx. 20 miles wide x 120 miles long) ________